Erin Woerner


Erin Woerner is a Director of Global Finance at Marriott International’s Corporate Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. She has been an advocate for change and process improvement in a variety of finance roles during her more than two-decade tenure at the Company. In addition to her day-to-day work responsibilities, Erin is also actively involved in a multitude of volunteer endeavors at Marriott: Talent Network Teams which encourage associate cross-collaboration and relationship fortification in solving for business challenges; TakeCare Champion which helps make a difference and drive Marriott’s “people first” culture and passion for wellbeing, relationship building, and community; Marriott HQ TNT Ambassador Programming which proactively welcomes the Company’s newest Associates into the Marriott family; and Marriott’s Mentoring Program which provides the invaluable opportunity of giving back and supporting associates as they jumpstart their careers, expand/develop/refine leadership skills, build relationships, and foster cross-discipline teamwork.

Erin eagerly volunteers at Suburban Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Center as a motivational speaker where she inspires new patients struggling with substance abuse disorders and is acutely involved in the A.A. program.  She passionately aspires to help others break the cycle of addiction and fulfill their maximum potential of living the well-rounded lives they so rightly deserve.

Erin is an appreciative mother of two children who have been enriched with an MCPS-provided primary and secondary education. She is an avid kickboxer, is energized with an all-vegan lifestyle, and loves to spend time with her family, friends, and Carmen (the Woerner family dog).



  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Majoring in Accounting from Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio.
  • Certified Public Accountant in the State of Maryland.