Farhad Niami


Farhad Niami is currently serving on the Boards of Potomac Lions Club and Arise & Flourish a non-for-profit charity organization, as their Secretary, both in the State of Maryland, as well as the past President and the current Board member of the Society of Government Economists. Dr. Niami, all along, has demonstrated a great interest and dedication to the causes of different charity organizations, both domestic and internationally. Dr. Niami has supported prominent organizations among which are Doctors without Borders, Children Foundation, Mercy Corp, National Alzheimer’s Foundation, National Multiple Scorsese Foundation, Hospice Society, etc.

Dr. Niami is a Public Finance/Public Policy specialist, by training and practice, with about twenty years of combined managerial, research and teaching experience in the field. He has served as the State Economist and Advisor to the Governor of Louisiana, Chief Economist at two state regulatory agencies, and Division Administrator and Acting Deputy CFO for the District of Columbia. Dr. Niami has prepared state revenue forecasts and been involved in development of state budgets and implementation of various economic projects and programs. Moreover, he also has served as an active member of the Graduate Faculty of Economics at Louisiana State and Bowie State Universities.


        • Ph.D. in resource economics from Oregon State University
        • Masters of Art degree from the University of Oregon.
        • The current Director of Economics at DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
        • Past State Economist for the State of Louisiana.
        • Past Division Chief for the Division of Economics and Rates Analysis of the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC).